If you experience consistent jaw pain, you may be experiencing TMJ disorder. Through neuromuscular dentistry, we are able to treat this problem. We invite you to call Elite Dental Care today at 731-635-5000 to learn more about TMJ treatment in Ripley, Tennessee, and schedule an appointment with our dentist, Dr. Brien Polk.

The TMJ, or temporomandibular joint, connects your lower jaw to your skull. If this joint becomes stressed, injured or misaligned, it causes a TMJ disorder, which in turn leads to discomfort and other problems. Some common signs of TMJ disorders include:

  • Frequent jaw or facial pain
  • Pain in the neck, shoulders or ears
  • Pain when chewing and biting
  • Grinding, popping or clicking sounds when you open and close your mouth
  • A locked or stuck jaw
  • The inability to open your mouth wide to speak, yawn or chew
  • Frequent headaches

TMJ disorders can have a significant impact on your ability to speak, yawn, eat and perform other daily functions, making it important that you receive treatment as soon as possible for this condition. Our dentist will work with you to determine the cause of your TMJ issues and create a treatment plan that meets your needs. Common treatments our dentist may recommend include jaw and facial relaxation exercises, lifestyle changes, restorative dental treatments, night guards or other mouth guards, and jaw surgery.

For more information about how TMJ treatment can benefit you and to schedule an appointment, give us a call today!

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